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Great post Kristen Wigg?s Farewell to SNL from Ben!Do yourselves a huge favor

Kristen Wigg?s Farewell to SNL

Kristen Wigg’s Farewell to SNL

In a rare event, Saturday Night Live ended it’s season with more tears then laughs.

In a surprisingly emotional send-off, cast members appeared to bid goodbye to one of the funniest women on TV and film, Kristen Wiig. The Bridesmaids star’s departure has been rumored for quite sometime, but was never confirmed by NBC.

But, after last nights episode, it seemed pretty clear.

Mick Jagger, who hosted last night, introduced a class of “graduates,” and Wiig took the stage. Her SNL costars came over one by one for a brief dance to the music of Arcade Fire, who sang “She’s a Rainbow” and “Ruby Tuesday”. Wiig seemed tearful and emotional through each dance.

She ended her dane with SNL producer and Kristens boss, Lorne Michaels.

Kristen Wiig is going to be focusing on her film career, especially after the huge success of Bridesmaid.

Wiig is a talented actor who, in my opinion, proved she can play in the big leagues. There are not many movies, especially comedies, with a predominantly female cast, that did as well as Bridesmaids.

Although we will all miss Kristen on SNL, I am excited to see what she does next. Whatever it is, I know I will be laughing.

And Wiig isn’t the only one rumored to be leaving SNL. There is also Speculation that Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg will also be moving on. Again, nothing has been confirmed by NBC, but Jason and Andy’s contracts are up as well.


Speaking of Bridesmaids, here is one of my favorite clips of Kristen from the movie. Enjoy!