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Great post E-Cigarette Review from Tony!Do yourselves a huge favor

E-Cigarette Review

Will E-Cigarette Save Money?

This has to be the most common question asked by those considering the switch from tobacco to smokeless cigarettes. And rightly so. With the average cost of a pack of cigarettes hovering between $6 and $7 dollars, a pack a day smoker will spend upwards of $2000 a year just to inhale toxins & carcinogens. If you smoke 2 packs daily double this amount and so on. Now what if I told you that you could save a minimum of 50% on your yearly tobacco expense. Let’s break down the savings……

Smokeless cigarettes are so economical because they are refillable, not disposable. When your cartridge is empty, you simply add more e-liquid. Each ecig cartridge holds 1-2 ml of e-liquid which is the equivalent 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes. The cost of 10 ml of e-liquid is about $10 so a full cartridge would cost you at most $2. Are you starting to see the value yet? Well let’s calculate your savings…..

Look at it this way. You will basically be paying $2 for a pack of smokes. When you buy a pack of cigarettes for $2 you will be saving $5 per pack. So for a pack a day smoker, the savings would be 1 pack/day x 365 days x $5 saved or $1825 a year or $150 a month. Remember, this is the savings realized by someone smoking 1 pack per day. If you smoke 2 packs per day, you will double your savings to $3650 a year or $300 a month.

Now everyone’s smoking habit is different and some smokers will save more or less than $2000 to $3500. But even if your savings are on the low end of the scale, you will still save big money and improve your health as e-cigs do not contain unhealthy elements like tobaccos. Would you like to learn more about the cost of an e-cigarette?