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An Internet Article Marketing Follow Up!


Great post An Internet Article Marketing Follow Up! from David!Do yourselves a huge favor

An Internet Article Marketing Follow Up!


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In this post I want to follow on from my previous post Do You Have An Effective Article Marketing Strategy – Or Not! because I have had a lot of queries and comments both on my blog and on a couple of forums I posted too and it seems that when folks think about article marketing all they can see are backlinks to their sites.

Well I just need to reiterate that there is a lot more to article marketing than just getting backlinks, and I’ll tell you my biggest article marketing mistake that probably cost me thousands of dollars. But more on that later.

Have you looked at article marketing with the intention of promoting your blog or website. And have you decided to give it a miss because you heard bad things about Google and article directories, if so you may be making a big mistake.

First let’s have a little history lesson then I’ll tell you about my big article marketing mistake! Are you sitting comfortably – only joking!

Just after I got online back in 2006, that seems like a long time ago now, I discovered the internet marketing strategy of writing articles to attract visitors to my site. That is what it was all about in those days, getting people to actually read your articles and have them click the link to your site.


A simple article marketing strategy that worked, oh, and you got some pretty decent backlinks to your site as well. Then during the next six years a new breed of article marketer emerged, and they could not care less about whether anyone read their article or not, all they wanted was the backlinks back to their websites.

They used automation to submit them to thousands of article marketing directories, most of these brand new and built to accomodate automation. They also spun their articles so much that each of these thousands of copies were unique content. That’s a joke, unique rubbish would be more accurate.

But it worked, and as folks got thousands of backlinks they saw their sites rise in the search engine results and more people clambered on board this backlink train to get some of the action. The sad result of all this massive backlinking is that folk now associate article marketing with backlinking only, and so they say it is no longer an effective  marketing strategy.

But the thing is nothing has really changed with article marketing at all when you compare it with what I learned back in 2006. Article marketing is still a highly effective way to get targeted visitors to your website or blog, period. Providing of course that you write a half decent article that addresses the needs or problems of the people reading it. OK the backlinks are not quite as valuable as they used to be, but the visitor count has not altered and that is what really matters here.

So what was my biggest article marketing mistake? Well I’ll tell you and it’s a classic. I stopped doing it! I went and followed another marketing strategy that seemed easier, of course I should know nothing is easier. So my advice today would be to anyone who takes up article marketing is never stop and over time you will build up a massive internet presence that will drive traffic to your site every single day. The beauty of this strategy is that as you get  successful you can easily outsource everything.

If you intend to develope your own article marketing strategy then I urge you to take a look at the services offered here by => Submit Your Article they really are the ‘bees knees’ when it comes to distributing quality content, and are the only service I use to supply content for some of my other blogs. Unlike some services that will only send you poor quality, badly spun articles that you just don’t want on your sites!