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Your Online Business Blog And Search Engine Optimization

Your online business blog is one of the very best ways to boost your site ranking with the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.


A popular blog site will generate more income for you as increasing numbers of people will visit you.

Following these easy rules for search engine optimization (SEO) will absolutely get your blog ranked much higher on the search pages.

In your online business blog, your post should be centered around a keyword (usually consisting of two, three, or four words), which you’re using frequently in your blog. A good rule of thumb is one percent. For example, if your post consists of 600 words, you should probably use your keyword around six times.

ranking with the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines.

Also, the URL of the page of your blog post should contain your keyword.If you’re creating your blog post using the WordPress format, which many do, they provide an easy “edit” link right at the top of the post editor that you can easily change from their automated URL to one that includes your keyword. That automated URL will contain the keyword if you used it in your title … which is another rule … but if, for example, you saved your draft before you added a title, of course it won’t be in the automated URL.

So, make sure that URL contains your keyword BEFORE you publish your post. You don’t want to change it later, unless you change it very quickly, because someone may “Like” or “Tweet” your post, or you may get the link out there in some way, and then when your prospect comes looking for your post by clicking on the “changed” URL, of course they’re not going to find you. You just lost a prospect. So, get that URL correct, containing your keyword, BEFORE you publish your post.

Another important rule you need to follow when you’re creating this online business blog

and I alluded to this before … is to use your keyword in your blogpost title, and also to use it in the titles of your webpages.

And your primary keywords and phrases should be used in the H1 and H2 headers, because this makes them more searchable.

Also, secondary keywords can be used throughout your post.

Now, your odds of being found by the search engines are increased by the number of times the search engines find your keywords. However, be careful to stay below that one percent threshold mentioned earlier (for example, use the keyword five times for a 500-word post), because, for one thing, your post will begin to look like spam if you don’t, but even worse than that is the fact that Google will see it as such and likely ban your site for quite awhile, absolutely sinking your rankings.

Another good tip for your online business blog is to make your primary and your secondary keywords links as often as you can, linking this text to other posts or websites.

And, because bookmark and backlinks back to your posts are so important, you can exchange your links with other bloggers by networking with as many of them as possible. When you find a good post on someone’s blog, be sure to link to it. After some time, this track back will become a link to your blog.

And, lastly, this is probably the most important rule to follow. Update that online business blog by adding new posts to it as often as you can.