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Great post E-Cigarette Review from Tony!Do yourselves a huge favor

E-Cigarette Review

Will E-Cigarette Save Money?

This has to be the most common question asked by those considering the switch from tobacco to smokeless cigarettes. And rightly so. With the average cost of a pack of cigarettes hovering between $6 and $7 dollars, a pack a day smoker will spend upwards of $2000 a year just to inhale toxins & carcinogens. If you smoke 2 packs daily double this amount and so on. Now what if I told you that you could save a minimum of 50% on your yearly tobacco expense. Let’s break down the savings……

Smokeless cigarettes are so economical because they are refillable, not disposable. When your cartridge is empty, you simply add more e-liquid. Each ecig cartridge holds 1-2 ml of e-liquid which is the equivalent 1 to 2 packs of cigarettes. The cost of 10 ml of e-liquid is about $10 so a full cartridge would cost you at most $2. Are you starting to see the value yet? Well let’s calculate your savings…..

Look at it this way. You will basically be paying $2 for a pack of smokes. When you buy a pack of cigarettes for $2 you will be saving $5 per pack. So for a pack a day smoker, the savings would be 1 pack/day x 365 days x $5 saved or $1825 a year or $150 a month. Remember, this is the savings realized by someone smoking 1 pack per day. If you smoke 2 packs per day, you will double your savings to $3650 a year or $300 a month.

Now everyone’s smoking habit is different and some smokers will save more or less than $2000 to $3500. But even if your savings are on the low end of the scale, you will still save big money and improve your health as e-cigs do not contain unhealthy elements like tobaccos. Would you like to learn more about the cost of an e-cigarette?

Great post GBG Business – Secrets to Being a Top Recruiter from David!Do yourselves a huge favor

GBG Business – Secrets to Being a Top Recruiter

Nexagen USA – Secrets To Being A Top Earner


So you want to be a top earner in Nexagen USA?

One secret of the top earners is that they take action congruent with what they say they want. The action you require to take is learning how to market and treating this like a business, not a hobby…where you chase your friends and family. Most of you have probably been told to do this and this chases your most ideal business partners away.


This post will reveal some of the top secrets I’ve learned from my 7 figure friends & mentors, online and offline, for you to explode Nexagen USA. Enjoy!

Nexagen USA Top Earner Secret I: How Uncomfortable Are You Willing to Get in the Next 30/60/90 Days?

Have you ever committed to something and then once you got in the thick of it thought to yourself, “Wow this is no joke. I don’t know if this was really what I wanted.”

We’ve all had this experience at some point, I know I have. The question you want to ask yourself as you seek to make a lot more money in Nexagen USA is, why am I doing this? When your reasons are bigger than your problems you’ll be ready to get very uncomfortable.

I will not lead you astray my friend. Anytime I’ve rank advanced in my business and moved up in income, I had to get (what my mind thought was) ‘real uncomfortable’ for a bit; maybe a couple days or even weeks. After a while you get used to it, see success, and completely amaze yourself.

Even if you have a done-for-you marketing platform to have qualified people chase you for your Nexagen USA business (like the one in the link below), you’re still going to have to get uncomfortable at some point in the process; whether its learning how to work it in your day, or getting used to calling all the leads who opt into your system and buy something from you before they join your Nexagen USA business.

More on the funded proposal below, but decide if you’re willing to get uncomfortable for a season to live the lifestyle you say you want. If you are, fast track the journey for you and your Nexagen USA team

Are you ready to commit to your next level, whatever that may be, to become a top earner in Nexagen USA?

Are you prepared to ready yourself in all aspects of running a real business that top quality people are attracted to? Are you prepared to learn how to market (more than a list of friends and family), connect, collaborate, manage yourself in time, balance your emotional state continually, & learn to outsource and be evermore efficient??

These are just some of the commitments you’ll have to make to get to 10k a month in Nexagen USA. We can definitely show you how to get there faster with marketing platforms and 100% commissions on the leads you generate for yourself (below), but I still would never sugar coat it.

Always be truthful and set the right expectations for new folks coming into Nexagen USA. It’ll save you a lot of time and energy in the end and you’ll release any feeling of lack you previously may have possessed. You’ll send the message that you’re looking to only attract committed people who are full of integrity, fast moving, & ready to rock.

With this system, you can pick the skill set or thing you’re most talented at, and only commit to that one strategy and you’ll have more leads than time for Nexagen USA. Plus you’ll earn commissions with proven training products on the front end, monetize those who don’t join your business, and gain trust and rapport for those who will later join you after they buy something small and get value…

Check out this post GBG Business – Secrets to Being a Top Recruiter!

GBG Business – Secrets to Being a Top Recruiter