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MLM Company My Video Talk Review A powerful message from marika!!

MLM Company My Video Talk Review


MLM Company My Video Talk  Review


My Video Talk is  very well established MLM Company. It was founded in 2002 by its parent company Team Effort International, LLC under the leadership of Mel and Amie Gill – who were both successful network marketers with over 20 years experience.

My video talk is worldwide company and is currently operating in North America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Latin America and New Zealand. My Video Talk is privately-held and debt free.

My Video Talk Review – Products

MLM Company My Video Talk  offers the most cutting edge video producing products.

Their video product line includes:

** Video Emails

** Live Broadcaster

** Webshow Network

** Virtual Boardroom

** Video Channel

All these products are customizable to your brand and very user-friendly. They are very cutting edge and very marketable in today’s moder world both for companies and for personal use.

My Video Talk Review – Business

Starting  a business with My Video Talk is relatively low cost…to get in  cost you $299.90 and then there is $49.90 monthly fee, which will give you the business builder studio. My Video Talk also has retail plans that you can offer prospective clients to fit their needs.

A family, for instance, may only be interested in video email to communicate with relatives far away. Can you imagine how excited Grandma will be to get a video of her grand kids singing happy birthday instead of a card? A business may be interested in using a larger package that includes video streaming or video channels. Using My Video Talk, you can communicate with the world on a personal level.

My Video Talk Review – Compensation Plan

My video talk has a great compensation plan. There are 10 ways to earn an income: fast start bonuses, retail commissions, team builder commissions, weekly team commissions, executive leadership matrix bonus, monthly binary matrix, global rewards check match bonuses, leadership rewards, sales office program, and presidents weekly club.

My Video Talk is also unique in that it pays out on a weekly basis, versus monthly as experienced with other network marketing companies. This company is the prime choice for someone who has a passion for video communication.

Winning The Google Panda SEO Battle! A powerful message from Justice!!

Winning The Google Panda SEO Battle!

Winning The Google Panda SEO Battle!

When it comes to winning the Panda SEO battle you need to follow some simple steps. A lot of people are blaming Google and the new panda algorithm program for their lose in rank in the Google search engines.

But the truth is if you lose ranking it is because you lack valuable content, Yes you heard right you have low-quality pages on your site which do not provide substantially unique content or added value.

So you will need to follow some simple steps to stay at the top of the searches and beat the Panda SEO Battle.


Simple Steps To Conquering The Panda SEO Battle.

  1. Step one you most create “High Quality” original content, this may sound elementary but this is the most important step in winning the Panda SEO battle. If you want to stay on the top of Google searches you need to understand everything Google will ever do is to ensure that the best content with the most value shows up at the top when people search information on Google. Google’s life line is the people using Google’s search engines and if Google want’s to remain the number 1 search engine they need to provide the best results. So if you are not adding quality content  you are going to see a massage like this in the Google Webmaster Tools ,”We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Specifically, we detected low-quality pages on your site which do not provide substantially unique content or added value. Examples could include thin affiliate pages, doorway pages, automatically generated content, or copied content. For more information about unique and compelling content, visit encourage you to make changes to your site so that it meets our quality guidelines. Once you’ve made these changes, please submit your site for reconsideration in Google’s search results.” If you get this message you can bet you are going from the top page to obscurity.  So make sure that you master step 1 and always add high quality content.
  2.  Step two link building post panda SEO – This Method is from my own findings and what I use on all my sites.
    The best thing about using this method is that it still works with all of the software programs like AMR (article Marketing Robot), SENUKE, XRUMER, Sick Submitter, Scrapebox and
    Backlinks Energiser. But this method will insulate your website from the black hat Panda SEO
    penalties so you can build links as fast as you can using any software available!
    The Key is to buffer your site from the links built with software. You can still do
    direct blasts to your site but if you are going to do this in the post PANDA SEO era then you
    have to be willing to do it regularly….. i.e twice every week or even everyday for high competition Keywords.
    With Article mass submissions the trick is also to make sure your articles get picked up by Google, to do this you have to point links to your articles after
    they have been submitted, the easiest way is via RSS submission or just using more articles to get the original Article indexed.

Using Buffer Sites To Battle Panda SEO

The first buffer site I suggest you use a blog as hubpages and
squidoo will remove your hub if they see XRUMER blasts of only profile links
going to the hub page or lens.

For each of your buffer sites you need to use unique content  and only use 1 link to your main site and 1 link to your next buffer
page . Once you have built all your Buffer sites its time to start pouring the link
juice into the top of your cascade of buffer sites.
What will happen next is the link juice is going to pass from one buffer page to the next as
well as passing the link juice onto the main site.
Every time you build a backlink to the top of your buffer sites it multiplies that link by
5 times and will protect your main site from Google Panda SEO penalties and then passes the link juice to your site and then onto
the next buffer page.

The best method I have found for passing link juice to your buffer sites is by using of article marketing software, this is because each article you post will
post a link from a webpage with content in the niche you are targeting. It is not
important to use unique or pre-spun articles when using this method, but to get extra link
juice you can point more links to all these articles you have just submitted which will
get more of them indexed a lot faster than waiting for Google to find them
naturally and will also give these articles more juice to pass onto your buffer
sites. Good Luck in your quest to conquer the Google Panda SEO giant.

Great post How To Influence Your Boss from Tina!Do yourselves a huge favor

How To Influence Your Boss

How To Influence Your Boss

I recently conducted ‘Critical Skills for Leaders and Senior Managers’ in Singapore and Malaysia; during these programs I surveyed the participants for their desired take-aways – 80% of the attendees wanted to know how to influence their boss.

Research has shown that the inability to build a successful relationship with the boss is a significant reason for managers failing or not reaching their full potential.

When I approach this topic I encounter a number of mindsets that lead to an inability to effectively influence, these include:

  • My boss is autocratic
  • My boss doesn’t listen to me
  • I don’t want to jeopardise my career
  • I have no power in the relationship
  • My boss doesn’t give me time

Do any of these sound familiar?

The problem with blaming the boss is that you have created an external locus of control which is the exact opposite of self-leadership. To influence you must ask yourself what can I do that will make a difference? The purpose of this blog is to provide some ideas to get you started:

1. Create an Ally
Allies have open and honest conversations, they may not always agree but they will listen to what each other wants and assertively communicate what their own needs. “But my boss doesn’t care what I need” I hear you cry; and my response is, do you know what they need? And have you told them what you need?

2. Finding the boss’s currency
We all have currencies, those things that are important to us and ‘count’ in relationship. Bosses
currenices are likely to be some of the following:

  • Commitment to the stated vision
  • Doing things ‘the right way’
  • Offering help without being asked
  • Doing things faster than expected
  • Providing information that they need
  • Having a skill the boss does not have
  • Acknowledging the bosses contribution to the organization
  • Activities that build the bosses reputation
  • Using your contacts to expedite a task
  • Expressing gratitude for anything the boss gives
  • Minimising discomforts and distractions for the boss

Noticing which currencies the boss responds to and paying them in these currencies cost you a little in time and energy but sets up reciprocity.

3. Reciprocity
When something does something for us we feel consciously or unconsciously obliged to reciprocate.
Reciprocation is the number one principle of influence, why else do you think marketing campaigns offer you a free gift? If your boss ‘owes’ you first then you can assertively ask for what you want.

4. Assertiveness
We are most influential when we frame our influence with confidence and conviction. So using formula
for influencing your boss might look and sound like the following:

“Boss [use their name] I understand that x [insert currency or bosses pet project] is important to you and to do this I believe that we should [insert your suggestion here].”

“Boss [use their name] I appreciate that x [insert currency or bosses pet project] is important to you and to achieve this I will need [insert your request here].”

It is my experience that most employees underestimate their ability to Influence Without Authority, whether this is with their boss or their peers; believe you can influence and you will find a way.